Our Vision

Together, sharing Christ around the world


Mission Statement

Enabling Methodist people in Ireland, and friends, to join with partners around the world to proclaim Christ’s love and offer of salvation & to promote church growth.

We do this by giving and receiving, teaching and learning, praying and being prayed for and serving and being served.

Our values:

  • Christ’s Love

  • Passion

  • Relationship

  • Learning

  • Mutual Stewardship


  1. engaging in partnership with overseas churches and inter-church bodies

  2. supporting work with communities in Ireland that originate in other countries

  3. engaging in education, recruitment, fundraising and prayer support

  4. sending and receiving cross-cultural mission partners


As well as the Methodist Church in Britain and other sister churches around the world, we work with some Christian mission organisations e.g. Bible Society Northern Ireland, Frontiers Ireland and Church in Chains.


Rev Dr Laurence Graham - General Secretary
Rev Peter Murray - Ministerial Treasurer
Mr Ian Patterson - Lay Treasurer
Ms Nicky Algie - Secretary
Mrs Gail Mercer
Rev Dr Sahr Yambasu
Mr William Carson
Ms Pat Jamison
Mr Oliver Hetherington
Mr Tim Dunwoody - World Mission Partnership Officer