Those Serving


Mission Partners serve
overseas and are sent jointly by the Irish and British Methodist Churches ↓

Barry & Gillian Sloan: Germany

Sloans 2019.jpeg

Barry & Gillian and family went to the former East Germany as mission partners in 1999.

From the summer of 2012, Barry took up the national post of Director of Evangelism, for the United Methodist Church in Germany. It entails heading up the Board of Evangelism which works in the areas of church planting, evangelism and congregational development - some similarities to the Irish Home Mission Department. Gillian works at INSPIRE, an ecumenical Fresh Expressions project.

Since January 2019, Barry has been working as Europe Regional Relationship Coordinator in the World Church Relationships team (Methodist Church in Britain). Since taking up his new role, Barry is serving in a reduced capacity (50%) as Director of Evangelism in The UMC in Germany.

Mission Associates are those who are supported by WMP whilst serving overseas with other organisations ↓

Frank & Erika: Middle East

Jimenez June19.jpg

Frank & Erika, with their children are serving in the Middle East. 

Stephen McCann: Ibiza

Stephen McCann.jpg

Stephen is serving in Ibiza, as part of the team that leads the work of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, with responsibility for heading up the outreach in the West End of San Antonio. 24-7 Ibiza exist to care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the community.

Stephen has to raise his own monthly financial support to be able to do this work - if you would like to support him please click here

james & hazel farmer: south east ASIA

Through Logos Ministries International, James & Hazel and their family have relocated to a majority Buddhist nation in South East Asia where James will work for a Theological College and Hazel will teach in an International Christian School. 

All serving as mission partners from the Methodist Churches in Britain and Ireland:


  • Stephen and Jane Day (South Africa)

  • Peter Ensor (Kenya)

  • Jonathan and Isabel Hill (Zimbabwe)

  • Jenny Featherstone (Zambia)

  • Keith and Ida Waddell (Zambia)

  • Hans and Mary Van den Corput (Nigeria)

  • Michael and Joanna Tettey (Benin) 

  • Claire Smithson (Kenya) 

  • Freddy and Dee Takavarasha

Latin-America and the Caribbean

  • Dr John and Sharon Harbottle (Haiti) 

  • Chris and Vera Lacey (Colombia)



  • Angleena Keizer (Jerusalem)

  • Anne Baldwin (Sri Lanka)

  • Rachel Ullmer (Pakistan)

  • Eden Fletcher (Hong Kong)

  • Sheila Norris (Japan)


  • Daniel and Grace Pratt Morris-Chapman (Italy) 

  • Revd Dr Tim Macquiban (Italy) 

  • Barry & Gillian Sloan (Germany)